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PreppComm Community
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Welcome to the PreppComm Community

Sharing experience and solutions, offering and getting help from PreppComm staff and other customers

About Us

PreppComm is a small electronics manufacturing company in Sandpoint, Idaho providing solutions that provide Morse Code for the rest of us!  This means freedom to operate in the Morse Code band segments with no angst!  Learn or don't learn code, operate while learning, or even operate without trying to learn (you will learn anyway, because your brain will hear and your eyes will see.  You can't stop it from happening).

PreppComm is also dedicated to solving the communication dilemma faced by the prepper community.  This dilemma is caused by the requirement of the FCC that Technician Class licensees only use HF bands by learning Morse Code, and that HF bands are singularly the best for infrastructure-free communications.  After all, prepping is all about not depending on the infrastructure, is it not?  PreppComm solves this problem by offering transceivers and related systems such as GO Bags that operate on HF and do all of the Morse Code decoding and encoding for you.  Texting over the radio!

Why You Should Join Us

If you are interested in SHTF communication, or Morse Code communications, or just having fun with a QRP (low power) transceiver with computer automation and automatic code-to-text and text-to-code, or if you are wanting to learn to send and receive code without PC computer help, but want to get started by actually communicating while learning, or want to add the capabilities of the DMX-40 to your main transceiver, then PreppComm and this community is for you.  If you are struggling to understand how the transceiver works, or how to set up an antenna, or how to use the RPL microprogramming language, then this community is for you.  Tricks and techniques for getting the most out of your DMX-40?  This list he place for you!

A Big Thanks

A big thanks to our community members who support us in helping new users to get acquainted with using our products, answering questions, and making suggestions, tips, and techniques for maximum utilization of the products.